We, the indigenous peoples of the world, united in this corner of Our Mother Earth, in a great assembly of men of knowledge, declare to all nations:

We glorify our honorable past:
When the earth was the mother that fed us,
When the night sky was our common roof,
When the Sun and the Moon were our parents,
When we were all brothers and sisters,
When our great civilizations grew, under the Sun,
When our chiefs and elders were great leaders,
When justice dictated the rules of the Law and its enforcement.
Then the other peoples arrived:

Thirsty for blood, for gold, thirsty for land and all its wealth,
Carrying the cross and the sword, one in each hand,
Without knowing or waiting to learn the ways of our worlds,
They considered us to be less than animals,
They stole our land and took it from us,
And the Children of the Sun became slaves.
However, they were never able to eliminate us.
Nor to erase from our memories what we were,
Because we are the culture of earth and heaven,
We are of ancient lineage, and we are millions,
And while everything in the universe can be wiped out,
our people will still live.

Even longer than the kingdom of death.

Now, we come from the four corners of the earth,
We protest at the concert of nations,
That "we are the Indigenous Peoples,
We are those who are aware of the culture and everything.
As far as the people are concerned,
From the borders of each country's borders,
And the cities of each country are marginal."
And taking us, after centuries of oppression,
Evoking the greatness of our ancestors,
In memory of our indigenous martyrs,
And in honor of the Council of our wise elders:
We solemnly promise to regain control of our own.

Destiny and recover our complete humanity and
Proud to be Indigenous Peoples.

The formation of the World Council of Indigenous Peoples. Document No. 29 of 1977. The World Council of Indigenous Peoples (WCIP) was a formal international body dedicated to having concepts of aboriginal rights accepted worldwide. The WCIP had observer status in the United Nations, a secretariat based in Canada, and represented over 60,000,000 Indigenous peoples worldwide.

This declaration was approved by the delegates attending the 1st International Conference on Indigenous Peoples, held in Port Albeni, British Columbia, in 1075, which gave rise to establishing the "Council of Indigenous Peoples."

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