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DO ANIMALS HAVE AN AFTERLIFE? Do animals have Guardian Angels? What Happens to our animals after they die? This is one of the questions that torment all of us, animal lovers, and regards our furry (and scaly) friends as part of our Families: Is there an animal heaven? Also, do animals have guardian angels? The…
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The Spiritual Calling for Ministerial Service

The Spiritual Calling for Ministerial Service Life Path and Spiritual Calling Our winding journey through life often brings us to inconspicuous places. Sometimes leading us to question our life purpose and what could be our real work in this lifetime. When we face those questions, usually One unique experience unites us all; the feeling and…
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The Importance of Animal Ministry

Why Animal Ministry is More Important Than Ever If you wanted to know a little more about the growing importance of  Animal Ministry Courses, you came to the right place. We live in an ever-changing world, where we are active spectators to the progress of technology in our Digital Age which is changing our society…
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