Pachamama: A Prayer for Beauty and Protection

Pachamama: A Prayer for Beauty and Protection

 Pachamama; the Goddess prayer

By Sister Jaguar

Pachamama, the holidays are a time for giving thanks and connecting with kin. While my departed relatives live in the light of my love, the holidays can bring up regrets related to loss, old issues, and unfinished business. It is time to let go of this negative energy. It is time to forgive myself and them. Once I forgive myself, I can reach out to family and friends with genuine forgiveness and love. It is time to take in the light - take in the love - and see myself as part of it.

Connecting with Kin

Opening Prayer:

Why is it, Pachamama, that early cultures had the greatest vision of you and the deepest relationship with you? Why is it that modern societies continue to lead savage assaults upon you with weapons of destruction intended as instruments of liberation? In joining my indigenous kin, I am recognizing your sacredness. I share their deep reverence for life and their respect for nature that sustains it.

I finally understand, Pachamama. I know that my ancient ancestors and recently departed relatives live in the light of your love. I take in the light and see myself as part of it. May your light allow me to recognize and embrace your interconnectedness. I seek a new level of enlightenment that allows me to contribute to and integrate into the whole of creation.


With gratitude, I honor and seek forgiveness from the native people whom my ancestors unjustly abused. I ask forgiveness for their greed and ambitions. Even though the Achuar do not seek an apology, I humbly ask for their forgiveness. They do, however, request that I listen to and assist them in their struggle to preserve Pachamama. It is my privilege and duty to do so.

Reflection: Pachamama, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

Pachamama, when you ushered in the Big Bang with the greeting, “Let there be light,” you were referring to this present moment. As I live enlightened and connected to you and your people, I extend this awareness into my future, to my next generations of kin.

Native people throughout the planet, when making decisions for the common good, ask for wisdom to know the impact of their choices on the next seven generations. Elders are fully aware that the decisions they make today will have a profound impact on the needs, survival, and dignity of family members who will live a hundred and fifty years in the future.


As I include and preserve the values and rituals of my indigenous ancestors in developing a spirituality of Earth consistent with your creation story. I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I understand and appreciate the ancient techniques and rituals that call on the powers of nature for personal healing and communal growth, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I keep alive those ancient roots in a nature-based philosophy that has proven effective since the beginning of civilization, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I renew my relationship with the timeless values and principles kept alive for me by indigenous cultures, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I support the struggles of native people everywhere in recovering and maintaining their land, resources, and sovereignty, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I nurture those dimensions of knowledge and perception that have become opaque to me, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I cultivate an ability to use resources without abusing them and walk gently on Earth, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

As I follow the example of indigenous people who suspend their desire for selfish independence in favor of the altruistic interdependence that all creation might live, I commit to protecting the life and beauty of your planet.

Closing Prayer:

Pachamama, I celebrate the shift, the radical change that is emerging in human consciousness. This transformation transcends national, cultural, and religious boundaries. It creates a common ground for the emergence of a single Earth community. As I stretch my vision and imagination. Now I see that I am connected to a much larger family than I ever dreamed possible.

This new community challenges my old ways of perceiving consciousness and gives me new visions that include all people, creation, and the entire universe.

I seek wisdom to these questions:

How can I support the Achuar and other indigenous people in their struggle to remain authentic?

How can religions and faith-oriented organizations better support the beliefs, lifestyles, and rituals of indigenous people?

What would today be like hundreds of years ago? Our ancestors had social media that allowed people to create, share, and exchange information and ideas?

Suppose our pioneer ancestors had understood the rights of nature. Would we be living today dependent upon non-renewable fossil fuels?

How might we break the chains of technological “progress” to decide. To act responsibly toward the rights and needs of nature for future generations?

How can I make choices rooted in the belief that all life is connected and sacred?

Should I foster a personal spirituality that connects with the ancient rituals of my ancestors?

How can I further a nature-based philosophy and theology in my life?


We are at the frontier of a revolution that may turn out to be the most important one in our species’ history. A Consciousness Revolution that will redefine relationships between perceived and objective reality and the impact we humans have on both.
~ John Perkins

Social love moves us to devise larger strategies to halt environmental degradation and to encourage a ‘culture of care which permeates all society.
~ Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a.k.a. Pope Francis




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