Eostre: The Spring Goddess

Eostre: The Spring Goddess

The Germanic Goddess of fertility, agriculture, and Spring, Eostre, or Easter, was celebrated with the dawn fires' ritual tossing to protect the plantations. Her Presence symbolizes Spring, the period of new growth and rebirth.

At the Equinox of Spring, when the hours of light are balanced to be precisely the same as those of hours of darkness, it marks the beginning of the season of flowers and the new generation of life. This seasonal ritual is observed in the Celtic culture, and it is also known as Sabbat.

They celebrate the eternal cycle of death and resurrection present in Nature.

Eostre, who is the Goddess of fruitfulness and abundance, is represented with an egg in her hand and a Hare in her lap: the egg symbolizing birth and creation, and the Hare, the sacred animal of the Goddess, represents reproductive capacity, fertility, and abundance.

In the Saxon tradition, the Hare is also a symbol of the moon, which is associated with Easter because it is used to define the celebration's date. On the sacred day of Eostre, the ancients decorated eggs with colored inks that later threw to the fire as an offering to the Goddess.

Once, when the Goddess was slow to arrive, a little girl found a bird about to die of cold and asked Eostre for help. A rainbow bridge emerged, and Eostre came in with her dress dressed red as hot and vibrant as the sunlight, so the snow melted, and Spring came. As the little bird was mortally wounded, Eostre turned him into an ice hare who threw rainbow eggs.

As a sign of Spring, Eostre taught the little girl to watch as the ice hare appeared in the woods. His Presence would be the beginning of the Spring.

Eostre Ritual

Place a bowl with decorated boiled eggs, fertility designs, and other magic symbols that indicate rebirth. Hit the bell three times and invoke:

"Holy Lady, spirits of fire, earth, air, and water; Maiden of purity, fair and beautiful, representing Mother Earth, life-giving, ancient, wise,
I now invoke your Divine Presence.
Blessed be this springtime moment under the divine name of Eostre,
Goddess of fertility and Spring.
Under his sacred name and under his protection, this ritual of rebirth now begins.
Blessed be the Goddess of fertility,
blessed be your springtime ritual.
Blessed be the sun god-king, blessed be his sacred light.
Finally, the Goddess of Spring was reborn,
its beauty gives life to trees and flowers.
Blessed be the divine Goddess of the woods.
She is the Mother of all living things.
Blessed be the lord of the woods.

I sing this song for the Goddess and for God.
Awake, awaken everyone, and listen to the voice of the Goddess's call.
Blessed be our mother earth. May it be filled with peace, magic, and love.
The Goddess breathes life.
The Goddess gives life. "

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