Theological Virtues: Pillars of Soul Service

Theological Virtues: The Four Pillars of Soul Service

Faith is one of the three Theological Virtues, which altogether represents all the supernatural  Gifts.

Theological Virtues in Mystical Christian theology and in Esoteric philosophy are considered qualities associated with Self-realization, Expansion of Consciousness, and Ascension, resulting from the dispensations from God. Faith is a Supernatural indulgence, which enlightens, sustains, and nurtures the human soul.

Do you not know that you yourselves are God's temple and that God's Spirit dwells in you?
1 Corinthians 3:16

Cathedral of the Soul intends to undertake the challenge of creating a multidimensional healing space. A space dedicated to all those who seek to enrich, enlighten and heal themselves while serving and assisting in the healing of others.

We understand that basic philosophy and Spirituality are essential learning processes to perfect the eternal journey towards Mastering Humanhood, with all the lessons offered by the Earthly school of the time.

Those trailing a path of inner Christianity, or Mystical Christianity can be found in all denominations, and outside of them as well.

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We believe in the supportive four pillars of Soul’s Cathedral

1. To teach the ancient Knowledge and Ageless Wisdom and the positive power of the Gnosis, as means of spiritual liberation, within the living context of Mystical and Esoteric Christianity rituals and sacraments.

2. To respond to genuine Human Needs by Loving service, pursuing Peace and Reconciliation, and Social Justice in every action.

3. To affirm and support the Sacredness of Life and Integrity of Creation. To provide support and renewing our Soul's purpose into the fabric of Life. We Believe that mankind is one of the many Expressions of the Divine Spark and a part of the co-creating plan of Evolutionary Consciousness.

4. To provide Personal Growth and Transformation. Through the use of an experiential curriculum designed to further support the candidate in self-understanding and awareness. The Cathedral of the soul embraces a larger spiritual plan for Humanhood.

The things that we love tell us what we are.
Thomas Aquinas

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